Malibu: The Most Luxurious Vacation Spot In The U.S

Published on 06/03/2019

Malibu is a breath-taking city that boasts miles of sunny coastline of the Pacific ocean. The sunsets are simply enchanting and the sandy shores are undeniably inviting. While the beauty of Malibu is reason enough to decide on vacationing here, this luxurious destination has so much more to offer tourists. Whether you are holidaying alone, with your family, or your partner, this charming vacation spot is a great choice. Here are some of the top rated beaches to visit in Malibu.

Malibu: The Most Luxurious Vacation Spot In The US

Zuma Beach

The white sandy shores of Zuma Beach seem to be among the most popular. This beach is ideal for a luxury family vacation, with playground areas for children and perfect picnic spots for a romantic outing. Additionally, this beach also offers the opportunity to watch dolphins and seals at play. What’s more, there are several luxury hotels located near Zuma beach. This beach is often used as the setting for numerous TV shows and films that idolize the enchanting ocean view.

Point Dume State Beach

This beach is so much more than simply a place to swim and relax in the warm sun. Point Dume State Beach turns an ordinary vacation into an exciting experience with the thrills of scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing and other exciting activities that will give you tons of memories that won’t be easily forgotten. This beach is the ideal spot for an adventurous getaway in Malibu. There are also plenty of beachfront resorts and luxury hotels to choose from when visiting this beach.

Legacy Park Beach

With over 15 acres of lush trails and lookout points, playgrounds, and enchanting mosaic animal statues to enjoy, this beach is the ideal destination for a luxury trip to Malibu. The scenic trails and amazing mountain views are a must see when visiting Malibu city. This unique destination also brags four different habits, which includes coastal prairies, woodlands, bluffs, and wetlands that are simply breath-taking.

Legacy Park Beach

Legacy Park Beach

Luxury Beachfront Restaurants and Hotels

While Malibu beaches provide several beachfront restaurants that are absolutely great, Duke’s Malibu is a top-rated beachfront restaurant that is located in Malibu Point. An inviting atmosphere promoted the enchanting ocean view and umbrella drinks, Hawaiin cuisine promote a luxury seaside experience. Beachfront restaurants are undeniably perfect for romantic dinners and simply promote the true luxury that Malibu has to offer tourists.

The beachfront hotels located in Malibu offer stylish yet laid back interiors and conveniently easy access to the beaches. These hotels offer top-notch service with friendly staff, with some even providing services such as escorts to the beach. Malibu offers numerous different hotels, from elegant and classy Californian-style hotels to beachfront inns, up-market hotels are plenty in this luxury destination. Many hotels are located within walking distance to shopping malls, festive bars, and charming restaurants. A trip to Malibu is most definitely an investment that will provide countless memories and experiences.