Started Living In a Dorm Recently? Here Are Some Tips You Need To Keep In Mind!

Published on 12/25/2020

No, it’s not like living in your bedroom where you have spent all your childhood. After high school, everyone is excited about the college and there are a few things that take a hit once you are in there. The first and most important thing is limited funds where the students need to lessen their expenses and another area where they will have to adjust is space. They will get a small dorm room which will be their home for the whole college. Living in a dorm will eliminate all the stress of paying water/electricity, gas bills, etc. The food will also be available throughout the day, all thanks to the on-campus cafeteria. However, there are a few things that you need to focus on to get through dorm life without much hassle. All the nightmares can be dealt with by keeping the following things in mind. Let’s go through them.

Living In A Dorm

Living In A Dorm

Multi-Use Furniture

As we have established that space will be one of the most important things to manage in a dorm, students will need to use the furniture that can serve multiple purposes. For example, you can add rolling furniture that will act as a study along with a bedside shelf. You can also add some shelves to the headboard, which will be quite smart to utilize a space.

Use Hangers/Wall Hooks

To save some significant floor area, you can use vertical space where the walls are basically empty. There are some very affordable adhesive wall hooks that are available in the market you can use to put your stuff. The best use case of these adhesive hooks is to create a shelf for lightweight items.

Make More Room In Your Closet

The closets that are provided in a dorm don’t have large storage space, but you can easily add some space for your clothes by adding an additional rod. You can buy the hangers that are flexible and allow you to keep just double amount of clothes that you can store at present.

Make More Room In Your Closet

Make More Room In Your Closet

Get The Bed With Box

The area that is covered mostly in your room will be by the bed. You can save a lot of space if you use the lower part of the bed as a box. You can keep things that aren’t used very often. You can increase the functionality by adding sliders on the side. It can be used as ample storage for older books/notes.

Use a Bicycle For a Commute.

If you are a car person, get rid of it. You will be able to save a fortune if you shift your commute to a bicycle. Not only the fuel, but you will also be able to save by avoiding the insurance cost, repairs, etc. You will also not need to pay for parking space.

Set Laundry Schedule

This one doesn’t sound a serious deal but trusts us it is. Once you are in college, you may find yourself washing clothes once in a while but having a proper laundry schedule will allow you to have something fresh to wear in case you need it urgently.

Bond with your roommate

There are high chances that you will be sharing your dorm with someone else. It’s quite essential to have a bond with that person as he/she is going to be the person you will share most of your time with. Cooperation is the key to happy dorm life.
We hope that this list may come out as a bit of help in organizing the dorm life and you can shred some stress off your mind.