Has Your Laundry Room Always End Up Being Messy? Here Are A Few Ideas To Keep It Organized!

Published on 12/25/2020

When it comes to maintaining hygiene, you don’t only need to focus on the kitchen. One of the most important areas where it’s important to keep things organized is your laundry room. It doesn’t matter to have a large space to put everything in order, we are here to help you in utilizing tidy corners quite efficiently. The ideas that we are going to discuss here will carry the storage tips, as well. We understand that laundry day isn’t fun on any part but as it’s a necessity, you need to have a better space so that everything is easily accessible.
Yes, we know that you can’t step out to get the supplies and that’s the reason we are going to jot down the ideas that will only need some sort of DIY and you will be good to go. You can also get to add some personal touches and explore your creativity with these ideas.

Laundry Room

Laundry Room


Customize The Layout

For a majority of people, the counter space is strictly limited, and if you are yet using the top-loading washer and dryer, consider it replacing with the front-loading ones. It will offer you some extra counter space and for better functionality, you can put the sink between the two units. Above this whole layout, we recommend adding extra lighting.

Use Wallpapers

The laundry rooms are quite boring and you can add some fun to them by picking up a sober wallpaper. This is especially for the smaller laundry rooms where you will have to put the washer and dryer stacked above each other. To add some lights, go for the ceiling light so that it doesn’t use any of the vertical space.

Hanging Rods

As the space between the two cabinets will remain unused in most of the spaces, you can use it efficiently by adding a hanging rod between the two. If you are searching for a spot wondering where to put the hamper, you can create a space under one of the cabinets. It will not only be flushed into the layout, but you will also get to access it quite easily.

Add a Platform Above The Washer/Dryer

If the countertop or the floor cabinets aren’t big enough to accommodate your washer and dryer units, you can add a shelf on the top. It will not only give protection to the units, but you will also get an extra counter space.

Use Mahogani/Slate

If there is enough space in your laundry, it will be great if you add some wooden cabinets to put your dryer and washer. Using some wood of fine quality will also add a premium touch to your laundry room.

Uncovered Setup

The concept of a separate laundry room can be redefined by putting the washer and dryer somewhere in the open. You will have multiple options in terms of blending it with your interiors where you can easily tuck it in under the hallway cabinets for a minimal look.

Shared Closet

This is for those people who don’t have a big space to get separate closets. You can easily get the existing shelf customized the way so that it can be used by two people. Add some partitions and get the revolving hangers so that they can accommodate more hanging racks.

Shared Closet

Shared Closet

Make It Pet-Friendly

If you are owning a pet at home, you can use the laundry room also as the mudroom. In the below part of the cabinets, you can add some sliders where you can fix the feeding bowls. These bowls can be taken away quite easily and you can also go for the pet-themed wallpaper.
These are just a few ideas that you can implement and you should also try to enhance the functionality by adding some personal touch according to your requirements.