Adding Some Gala To Your Dorm This Christmas: Some Tips & Ideas

Published on 04/08/2021

Everyone wants to step up their game in the holiday season, however, if you aren’t very careful, you will end up getting out of your budget to add all the festive accessories to your dorm. We understand your eagerness to decorate your dorm and we are going to provide some cheap and easy ideas that you can implement. The implementation of these ideas will also not cost you a lot and you will be able to fit it easily into your budget. You will see all your mates decorating their spaces and it’s time you should also embrace the Christmas spirit wholly and don’t miss the festival even when you are a thousand miles away from your home. Before we check the tips and ideas that you can implement, you must know that there are multiple decor pieces that are available in the market. You will find them right under the budget and all you need to do is some DIY.
Let’s go through the simplest of ideas and it’s time to start the holiday party.

Christmas Some Tips And Ideas

Christmas Some Tips And Ideas

Get Some Christmas Pillows

No, you don’t need to invest in some premium pillows to replace the ones you already have. There are many pillows that are based on the Christmas theme and they aren’t very pricier, too. This slight change will start giving your dorm a festive look instantly.

Fairy Lights

Draping these lights around the bed or work desk is everyone’s favorite thing. You can normaly add a personal touch by adding them to the ceiling. It’s a fact that you can transform any room or place into a Xmas-y feel by adding these cheery lights.

Tree And Ornaments

Having a Christmas tree according to the size of your dorm is essential and you will need to have some unique ornaments that you can put on the tree. You can also hang these ornaments from your ceiling in your favorite corner or above the dining area. Ornaments with unique shapes can be easily found online at affordable rates.


If your dorm has glass windows, it’s the best opportunity for you to add some cool stickers to them. When you will start searching, you will be able to find one either in the offline or the online market. The best one that you can stick on the glass is the snowflake’s design.



Small And Large Candles

It doesn’t matter if you are getting real or fake candles, it will add up to the warmness of the room. There are also scented candles available for just under $5 that you can buy. There are also some cheap LED candles that you can get and these candles come with flickering that imitates a real candle.

Add a Snow Globe To The Shelf

Well, who will not think of it? Having a snow globe will instantly add a Christmas vibe to your dorm. There are the ones that come integrated with LED/music function. You will also get to customize it even more by adding your family picture to it.

Names In Block Letters

For a dorm, it can be a very essential add-on. You will not only get to add these as a piece of decoration, but you can also gift them to your mate if it’s a shared one. It is basically your name in block letters in silver/gold color.These are the few simple tricks and some DIYs that you can implement in transforming your dorm into having a Christmas-y look and feel. You can also show off your creativity by doing some mix-matching from the aforementioned ideas that we just discussed.