10 Tips That Will Make Moving So Much Easier

Published on 03/11/2019

Moving is such a stressful experience normally. The house is chaotic, all your belongings are strewn everywhere, and you need to figure out how on earth you’re going to manage packing all those books you bought these past few months! Well, we’re here to tell you that you don’t need to panic. We’ve gathered some amazingly helpful tips to make the moving process much easier for you.

10 Tips That Will Make Moving So Much Easier

10 Tips That Will Make Moving So Much Easier



Before you even begin packing, get rid of everything you don’t use or need! This will help you in so many ways. Not only will it save you space and time while moving, but if you have items in good condition, you can sell them and make a little extra cash.

Label Everything

To ease the pain of unpacking in a new home a little, make sure to pick up a few rolls of duct tape in various colors. You’ll be able to use them to label the boxes by which room the items belong in. This way, you’ll be able to bring the correct boxes into each room and save some time rummaging through them all trying to figure out which goes where. Also, mark the boxes that you want in storage, such as seasonal decor you’re not currently using. You’ll be able to take them straight to storage without a fuss!

Protect Plates

Packing fragile items like dishes is always such a nerve-wracking experience. To keep you calm and stress-free, use foam plates and place one in between each regular plate. This way you’ll be able to stack them and know they’re protected.

Pack Hanging Clothes

Don’t bother taking all your clothes off the hangers when you move. Not only is that a waste of time, but your clothes will get wrinkled and squashed in boxes. Instead, use garbage bags! Let us explain. Use a garbage bag to gather a bunch of clothes that are still on the hangers. When you get to your new place, the clothes will already be ready to be hung up in just a couple of minutes.

Carry Boxes

Carrying heavy boxes tends to be a struggle, especially since they seem to never have a good place to grip from. To remedy that, use a utility knife to cut out triangles on two sides of each box. Just like that, you have handles!

Carry Boxes

Carry Boxes

Connect The Wires

Make sure to take a picture of the wires of your computer before you unplug them all. This will give you a reference to use when you hook up the computer in your new place and you won’t need to wonder if you plugged the wires in correctly.

Keep Bottles From Leaking

Transferring toiletries is another super stressful task due to the fear of leakage. We’ve all been there and know just how unenjoyable it truly is. To avoid this unfortunate occurrence, use plastic wrap underneath the caps of bottles filled with liquids and then screw the caps back on. Now you won’t need to worry about any leaking.

Zip Ties

Keep your cutlery organized by using zip ties to tie them together by category. For instance, tie the forks together in one bunch, spoons in another, and knives in another. This will also help you make sure you aren’t losing any lone pieces of silverware during the move.

Sharp Knives

Pack all your sharp knives in oven mitts. This will keep them protected while preventing them from slashing anything close by.

Overnight Bag

The first night in a new place is a bit all over the place, right? Well, make sure to pack an overnight bag with all the toiletries you need, pajamas, and anything else you require. Aside from that, bring a clean set of sheets with you as well so you don’t need to start looking through boxes to find any.