How To Use Monochromatic Colors Successfully

Published on 04/08/2021

Monochromatic rooms are all the rage since it removes the confusion that comes with colors. Sometimes it can be difficult to design a home when there is no real color scheme involved. Here are some expert tips to help you design any room in your room using monochromatic colors.

How To Use Monochromatic Colors Successfully

How To Use Monochromatic Colors Successfully

Start With a Small Space

If the idea of designing a room with just one color scheme is daunting, start with the smallest space in your room: the bathroom. The bathroom can be your training ground before you move on to bigger spaces such as the living room or a bedroom. Because of its small space, it will be easier for you to decide on a design and color scheme.

Textures Matter

To prevent the room from looking flat and dull (because it can even when you have chosen a lively color like yellow) choose items that have varying degrees of textures. A monochromatic room can feel one-sided so to avoid this, think of using fabrics that have a unique texture or paint the wall using a stippling brush.

Pay Attention To Details

A lot of people go for neutral colors like white and when you use a muted color like this it can be easy to forget about the small details in the room that will help make it look more attractive. When you have decided to use a color that is basic, focus on details that will pop out. For example, you may opt for gold furnishings that will stand out in a sea of white.

Add a Contrasting Color

This may sound crazy since you’re going for a monochromatic look but adding a contrasting color to your room will help make designing it more fun. If you have chosen a bold color like orange then it can be a challenge to design a room from ceiling to floor with just this color. Use a contrasting color for your centerpiece and watch how the room will magically transform into one that uses a monochromatic theme without going overboard.

Add A Contrasting Color

Add A Contrasting Color

Decide On a Theme

Or at least stay true to what your design aesthetics are. Whether it’s shabby chic or elegantly modern, when you have a theme in mind it won’t be hard to choose a particular color. This will also help you determine what decors you want to add to your room. Going for a tropical theme? Since green is an obvious color choice, why not go for decorations that use straw or wood?

Use Mirrors

Mirrors can be the best decor to put in a room because of how it will reflect the color scheme you’re going for. Opt to buy a dresser or night table that has mirrors outfitted on its legs; it will reflect the carpet or the wall and will make the room look seamless. Mirrors also help make a small look bigger than it actually and it can provide natural light when you need it the most.

Turn To Nature

Stuck in a rut about which color to choose? Go for nature-inspired hues. You can never go wrong with the warm or cool tones of green. Green has been known to be a relaxing and calming color and will go with all neutral shades such as black, beige, and white. Colors of nature are always a safe choice as it helps bring out other decors in the room.

Monochromatic rooms are not for the faint at heart and it will take a lot of effort. But with these style tips you can make your home into one that you have always dreamed of!