Make Space In Your Existing Closet/Pantry: Some Smart Ideas You Can Implement

Published on 12/24/2020

If you want to add some extra space to your kitchen, you will need to go through a few tweaks that need to be done in the existing closet. You will need to find the corners that aren’t yet used and you will be surprised to get a significant space once everything is done. You will be able to find quite a space on the counter itself and if you are finding it hard to do it all by yourself, you can always hire a professional to plan it for you. In this blog, we are going to discuss some ideas that will give you a heads-up once you decide to revamp your pantry. We hope that this compilation of a few best ideas will be nothing less than a helping hand and you will add your personal touch to further enhance the functionality. These space-saving tips can be easily implemented without any need of getting extra supplies. The majority of items that you will need in the process can be found in your home.

Let’s go through a few ideas to give your storage a total revamp

Make Space In Your Existing Closet

Make Space In Your Existing Closet

Vertical Slots Of Boards/Trays

Every kitchen has numerous trays and it’s known to everybody that things can get messy in no time. However, you can fix the issue by giving your cabinet vertical slots. Here, you can put the boards according to the size and they can remain organized without any hassle.

Higher Cabinets

You can stretch the cabinets up to the ceiling. Yes, you will need some help to reach there but the items that you rarely use can be stored there. It will not only give you a more usable space, but you will also get to have better storage space for more necessary stuff.

Make Use Of Space Above Windows

The space above the windows isn’t often utilized and if you are unable to make space in the existing closet, you can add a shelf to put items that you don’t need on a daily basis. You can also turn it into a glass closet where you can put your fancy cutlery and crockery.

Tuck In The Appliances

If you have hired a designer, you can get things like this done easily. Appliances like coffee maker, microwave, water filter, etc., can be easily tucked away into the cabinets. Not only it will give you a clean and minimalistic look, but you will also be able to expand the space to work on.

Tuck In The Appliances

Tuck In The Appliances

Restate Office Items

You must have some filing cabinets and vertical hangers lying around somewhere in the storage. You can renovate these items and use them as your kitchenware. A simple shelf design on the wall can be mounted to store all the wines.

Use Space Above The Stove

Generally, the space between the stove and the upper cabinet isn’t put to use and you can add a shelf to put mugs and other china. The shelf that you adding can be a glass one for aesthetics and you are not going to put heavy items anyway.

Swing Chairs

Instead of chairs that will consume more space, you can install stools that can get folded in the cabinet. This solution will be extremely helpful for the compact spaces where you will have to do multiple DIYs.If you are going through some renovations, upgrading your kitchen space with smart ideas will be quite helpful in making things easily accessible and convenient.